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Metallic eye with enamel. Dimension 7x12mm..
Ex Tax:€1.86
Metallic round eye with enamel. It has 2 rings and is suitable for macrame. Dimension 15x14mm..
Ex Tax:€1.94
Metal bird. Dimension 29x13mm...
Ex Tax:€0.89
Metal bird. Dimension 12x6mm...
Ex Tax:€0.32
Metal swallow. Dimension 8x11mm...
Ex Tax:€0.28
Metal ladybug. Dimension 8x11mm...
Ex Tax:€0.44
Metal swallow with 2 holes in the center (1,2mm). Dimension 16x15mm...
Ex Tax:€0.56
Metal ladybug with red enamel and 2 rings for macrame. Dimension 10mm...
Ex Tax:€0.77
Metal ladybug with red enamel. Dimension 10mm...
Ex Tax:€0.77
Wooden round element "March" button, with a diameter of 18mm..
Ex Tax:€0.73
Wooden "MARCH" identity with 25x7mm dimension...
Ex Tax:€0.73
Wooden identity "from March to summer" with dimension 22x10mm..
Ex Tax:€0.97
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