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About us

Handromania is a company which was founded by Michalis Lyberatos in 1994, in Halandri, its object is mainly beads, jewelry, rosary beads as well as business gifts and fashion accessories.

Simultaneously with retailing it has expanded in the wholesale trade, especially in accessoreis for clothing and swimsuits.

Handromania has collaborated with many large fashion houses in Greece such as Bluepoint, Crool and many international fashion firms, H&M, CK, Moschino, Banana Republic. It has worked in designing and producing accessories for the them.

Sixteen years later, acknowledging your support and respect to our products and services, we have transferred Handromania Shop in the center of Halandri, Andrea Papandreou 39. You will certainly appreciate the friendly and comfortable environment of our store and the location is easily accessible. In our new store you will find a large variety of beads, gems and fittings in order to create your own favourite jewelry.

The metallic, ceramic and polyester beads are mostly Greek products and others on different countries.

Apart from retail and wholesale we have also been motivated in creating art and craft seminars which are participated in an oriented group room. Seminars in introduction to jewelry making, hand-made silver, sculpture, puppetry puppets.