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Transparent silicone glue with diameter 1.1. This means that it is used in silicone guns with a large hole diameter. The package contains 5 pieces...
Ex Tax:€1.77
Transparent silicone glue with a diameter of 0.72. This means that it is used in silicone guns with a small hole diameter. The package contains 8 pieces...
Ex Tax:€1.77
Professional high quality vinyl glue, with high adhesion. Dilute with water. Suitable for paper, wood, plastic, leather, etc. It is mainly used with a brush but also with a spatula, roller, pistol, and airbrush. Greek product...
Ex Tax:€0.00
GUTERMANN, an excellent glue for fabrics and even skin. Use it between the fabric and the fabric on any surface. A basic tool for sandals makers...
Ex Tax:€5.32
Industrial, Cyanoacrylic instant glue, industrial type, for various uses, in a package of 20 gr. Read the instructions for use on the packaging carefully...
Ex Tax:€4.03
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