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It is used in our mix of artistic cement or porcelain. It gives great resistance and hardening, in a larger percentage it gives a glossy effect. Mixing ratio 5-20% depending, the percentage that will be included in the mixture we replace with water. E.g. we have a mixture we want to put 200ml of wat..
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Casting porcelain in powder form with an extremely impressive and fast result! The casting ratio is 3 parts porcelain powder and one part water. It needs good stirring for desired result. It dries in about 15 minutes and is ready for demolding. We mainly use silicone molds and plastic molds.Six diff..
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Non toxic powder for casting cement, that creates modern decoratives such as: Decorative elements, jewels, flower boxes, candlesticks, bowls, vazes, e.t.c.They can be used with most molds (latex, plastic) and regular objects such as yogurt packages.In most molds there is no need for something to de-..
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Pigments for the colouration of liquid glass and other materials, (fabric hardener, pasted, varnishes). Available in 25mL bottles...
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