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An educational book of MIRTOS editions. Practical, clever ideas and solutions will help you refresh your wardrobe by adding your own personal touch. There is no need to process clothes and accessories. It is inspiration and creation. Open your closet, let your imagination go free, see your old favor..
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An educational book of MIRTOS editions. Have a nice winter with beautiful knitted creations !!! Start knitting! Create your own little masterpieces. On the pages of the book you will find elegant, romantic, classic or even rock creations that will inspire, excite and tempt you to knit them. Detailed..
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An educational book of MIRTOS editions. I create, so there I am !!! Magnetize the look with your own knitted spectacular creations and add style to your winter walks. Choose colorful yarn, buy needles, crochets, wooden or metal fasteners, beads, combine all materials, put your own stamp, imagination..
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An educational book of MIRTOS editions. Discover the wonderful world of Felting! Learn the two basic techniques, Wet Felting & Needle Felting and familiarize yourself with tools and yarn. Detailed instructions and color illustrations show you step by step how to make your own unique creations. S..
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An educational book of MIRTOS editions. Discover the beads in all their colorful shapes and create your own unique jewelry. Learn the basic techniques, tools as well as the variety of materials from semi-precious stones and metals to simple glass beads and cords. Detailed instructions and color..
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An educational book of PSYCHALOU editions. Susan Miller Cavitch, a well-known sapper, has decided to reveal her recipes and all her knowledge through the pages of this unique handbook. Its aim is to produce quality soaps, with pure materials that respect the skin and human health (224 pages). The ma..
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An educational book of PSIHALOU editions.Want to learn the secrets and techniques of polymer clay? With this guide you will be able to make yourself 20 gorgeous jewelry with very simple tools. 64 pages...
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An educational book of PSIHALOU editions. If you enjoy knitting then you will surely be thrilled with the knitted accessories for babies and kids! Georgia Bordeaux proposes 20 cute knitted needlework creations ranging from baby shoes and rattles to baby cardigans, vests, hoodies and scarves! As in a..
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An educational book of PSIHALOU editions. If you want to stand out for your personal style then you need to invest in accessories! In the book you will find 20 fashionable designs, detailed instructions, terminology and techniques for scarves, headgear, hats, gloves, socks, collars, bags and mo..
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An educational book of PSIHALOU editions. The main purpose of this manual is to guide you step by step in learning the knitting techniques needed to successfully knit sweaters! 144 pages...
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An educational book of PSIHALOU editions. Add a personal touch to your clothes, accessories or even your favorite home items, adorning them with these beautiful knitted flowers. - Beautiful constructions for all skill levels. - Ideal for utilizing surplus yarn, beads and buttons. - A great way ..
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An educational book of PSIHALOU editions. Detailed guide to learning all the knitting techniques with the needle. 320 pages...
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